murder mystery dinner

Life is too short to endure another boring dinner party

Boring parties are no fun. Don’t waste another evening on dull conversation! You deserve to enjoy life to the full. It’s time to host a murder mystery dinner.


Have fun and impress your friends, family, colleagues or VIPs with an unforgettable evening when you buy a murder mystery dinner experience.

We don’t just care about parties.
We care about you.

✓ 15 years’ experience writing and hosting murder mystery dinner parties.

✓ Our parties have brought hundreds of people closer together, creating unique and lasting memories.

✓ We work with reliable service providers with proven track records.

Print & Play Games

Bespoke Murder Mystery Dinner

DIY Murder Mystery Ebook

The Murder Mystery Guide Experience

1. Choose a Print & Play or custom-made murder mystery dinner party.
2. Add to cart.
3. Book a host or a consultation with us to learn how to host your murder mystery dinner.
4. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind evening with your guests!


Create magical moments you won’t forget

Investing in your key personal and work relationships can be hard work. But with The Murder Mystery Guide Experience it doesn’t have to be.

With over 15 years’ experience writing and hosting bespoke murder mystery dinner parties we help corporates, families and friends create magical moments that build lasting connections.

Are you looking for a new teambuilding event or to celebrate a special occasion? Our unique method of creating fictional characters and plotlines to suit your guests’ personalities means minimum discomfort, maximum fun and memories to last a lifetime!

After all, real quality of life doesn’t come from buying more ‘stuff’; it comes from investing in valuable experiences with loved ones.

Why choose a Murder Mystery Guide Experience?

Psychiatrist Dr Stuart Brown says that nothing ‘lights up’ our brains like play. Playful people experience less stress and have better coping skills. At work, play speeds up learning, enhances productivity and increases job satisfaction; and at home, playing together can enhance bonding and communication. The Murder Mystery Guide Experience gives you a new way to play!

Real Murder Mystery Dinners


“I’ve had a brilliant time playing different characters in murder mystery parties over the years. It’s the type of experience you talk about for months afterwards and it’s always fun to see how different guests bring their personas to life.”


“It was a mud-fest of accusations and digging for juice! It was brilliant, because there are structured elements to it, but there’s also so much improvisation that happens, which makes it fun!”


“A murder mystery gives us an excuse to go over the top! While the success of the event depends on a good level of participation and crowd chemistry, these games are only too priceless when everything comes together!”


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