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Why Greg Kriek Would Do This Again

Hollywood actor, Greg Kriek, shares why he loved his first-time DIY murder mystery dinner experience and why he is definitely going to do this again. Greg had zero previous experience with murder mystery dinner parties, but he was up for the adventure. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to act to love your own murder […]

Why Grownups Need to Play Too

Do you remember the last time someone flirted with you?  Or that time when your friend teased you with a twinkle in their eye?  Or how about the last time you swung your little niece until she was dizzy and giggling, or you saw a movie that made you laugh until your cheeks hurt? Babies […]

5 Reasons to Host A Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder mystery dinners are arguably the best way to combine friends, food and fun.  Here’s why you should just do it. 1.    Save your social life So often when we’re sitting home alone, watching Friends reruns and crying into a tub of ice cream, we convince ourselves that everyone else must be out having […]

How to become a better dinner party host

“The Dinner Party is Dead”.  That’s the gut-wrenching headline that was once splashed across The New York Times.  But here’s what it should have said:  “The Dinner Party has Chilled Out”. While very few people list sterling silver and fine china on their wedding registries anymore and young people cook less often than their parents’ […]

Photos from our flagship murder mystery game

Take a look at pics from our flagship Print-and-Play game, The Morgenrood Murder Mystery! Inspired by my historic childhood home, this game was such fun to put together. I gathered a bunch of people who didn’t know all the other guests and it became a very surreal – and unintentional – team building game! With […]