Why Greg Kriek Would Do This Again

Hollywood actor, Greg Kriek, shares why he loved his first-time DIY murder mystery dinner experience and why he is definitely going to do this again. Greg had zero previous experience with murder mystery dinner parties, but he was up for the adventure.

(Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to act to love your own murder mystery dinners!)

“So, tonight was my first murder mystery experience. I must admit before the time I was pretty nervous, because I didn’t know how this was going to pan out, I didn’t know how professional this thing was going to be. But, I arrived, and I remember thinking of my character and that was the one instruction that I got – just remember the character and the secret that you need to reveal and the secret that you need to keep and the rest was awesome. 

I remember arriving and not knowing how this was going to turn out, but it was super cool – people arrived in character and it was a vibe instantly. I loved the preamble because every section of the evening was different. In the first section you don’t know what to expect, but once you start meeting people it just starts easing up. 

Greg Kriek at a Murder Mystery Guide dinner party.

There was a cool structure and a great flow – by the time we hit the dinner table I think we already had nuggets of information about every character. So you already started developing in your mind who the suspects might be, who might be the murderer. And then by the time we hit the dinner table I freaking loved that! 

It was just a mud-fest of accusation and digging for juice. It was brilliant because you just improvise on the day and that’s what I love about this game is there are structured elements to it, but there’s also so much improvisation that happens, which makes it fun.

 I loved the group dynamic. In the beginning there were little jokes that came through and they recurred through the evening, so by the time we closed up it was beautiful – we’d become a group even though this was the first time we all met. I loved it man, it’s such a fun way of having a dinner party, on steroids, with improvisation – just beautiful moments… 

It’s probably the best way to break the ice with a group of people. I’d recommend this for corporates, for even private dinner parties – it’s a great way to have your own birthday party. I’m definitely going to do this again!”

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