Using the Enneagram to Write Murder Mystery Characters

It’s helpful understanding personality types when it comes to crafting murder mystery characters around real people. The Enneagram is one of my favourite personality profiling tools to do just that.

The Enneagram is an archetypal framework that helps people discover the positives and negatives of their personalities, empowering them to better manage their work, relationships and self-care. Yes, it can help you understand yourself better. But it can also help you craft murder mystery characters for your friends, family and colleagues, allowing them to enjoy the game to the max!

Using the guidelines from Integrative 9, I’ve summarised each of the nine Enneagram types to give you an overview.  If your guests don’t already know their Enneagram number, try guessing which one each person might be when deciding what kind of character to design for them.


Enneagram Type 1: The Reformer  

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | Actuary; Forensic Pathologist; Teacher; Accountant

Principled: Ones value integrity and want to lead by example. They stand for what is right and good.

Objective: Ones are able to see and judge details, people and situations objectively, without emotion.

Conscientious: Reliable and responsible, Ones stick to their word and diligently see things through to the end.

Structured: Ones enjoy opportunities to structure things and are naturally adept at organizing, prioritising and creating order.

Quality-minded: Ones have a knack for detail and will pay attention to quality standards and the application of rules and procedures.

Enneagram Type 2:  The Helper

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | Social Worker; Philanthropist; Psychologist; Volunteer

Warm: Their demonstrative and warm nature makes it easy for others to connect with Twos and they are generally very likeable.

Giving: Twos are caring and have the capacity to anticipate the needs of others, generously giving of themselves to others.

People-Centred: The Two’s focus on building relationships will impact positively on their capacity to step into roles where client and people relationships matter.

Sacrificing: To support and be there for others, Twos will put their own needs and feelings on the backburner.

Praising: Being around complimentary, supportive Twos can make people feel very special, giving them a confidence boost.

Enneagram Type 3:  The Achiever

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | Entrepreneur; Professional Sportsman; Motivational Speaker

Ambition: Threes are ambitious and have the will and energy to strive to be the best at whatever they take on. They believe in their ability to succeed.

Efficient: The resourceful Three knows how to do things in a way that is efficient and productive.

Adaptable: Along with being willing to adapt to achieve their goals, Threes are able to adjust to different situations, people or environments skilfully.

Driven: The Three’s high energy and enthusiasm for projects gets things done and pushes others to perform as well.

Results-Oriented: Setting goals and applying themselves to achieve these are as natural to Threes as breathing. They are focused on the end-result.

Enneagram Type 4:  The Individualist

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | Artist; Dancer; Religious Worker; School Counsellor

Self-Aware: Fours are aware of their own emotions and those of others and seek to understand these emotions. This enables them to connect deeply.

Purpose Driven: Being attuned to what has meaning and purpose drives Fours to express their personal purpose and contribution to the world.

Inspired: Their creative and imaginative capacity enables Fours to give unique expression to what matters to them.

Sensitive: Fours are able to recognise what is missing and will dive into the heart of matters. Their feeling-based intuition enables them to be highly attuned to the environment.

Courage: Fours don’t shy away from suffering and the more painful aspects of the emotional world, and this gives them the courage to ask difficult questions.

Enneagram Type 5:  The Investigator

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | CIA Operative; Professor; Hermit; Conspiracy Theorist

Perceptive: Fives offer objective, in-depth and insightful observations of situations and information. They are able to hold complex problems and data.

Curious: Their interests and intellectual ideals enable Fives to explore and build expertise in a variety of fields, topics and theories.

Unsentimental: Fives approach life in an unsentimental way and can put emotions aside when needed.

Self-Sufficient: The independent Five will protect their autonomy and privacy. They prefer to ask little of others and are able to minimise their own needs.

Inventive: Fives’ unconventional ideas and depth of knowledge enable them to be inventive, visionary and pioneering.

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Enneagram Type 6:  The Loyalist

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | Nurse; Boy Scout; Military Professional; Government Official

Devotion: Sixes are committed to what they value, expressing duty and care in service of people, responsibilities and causes.

Courage: Sixes often courageously take a stand on behalf of the greater good, despite concerns and risks.

Preparedness: Being alert and risk-aware, Sixes pay attention to what is going on in their world and act to minimise risks and threats.

Trustworthiness: Once Sixes make a decision or commitment, they stick to it. They also respect rules and authority, as long as they feel like they can trust the source or intention.

Team-Oriented: Sixes enjoy the co-operation and collaboration of groups and thrive in a healthy team environment.

Enneagram Type 7:  The Enthusiast

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | Red Bull Ambassador; Party Planner; Fortune Teller

Optimistic: The Seven’s focus on what brings joy, happiness and pleasure to life enables them to exude optimism.

Flexible: As Sevens are attuned to possibilities and like to keep their options open, they will be adaptable in the face of change, setbacks and challenges.

Future-Oriented: By focusing on what is next, the Seven’s enthusiastic and visionary qualities enable them to both anticipate and create an exciting future.

Practical: At their best, Sevens combine their ideas with a practical and productive focus that enables them to make things happen.

Adventurous: As a playful, versatile and spontaneous person, Sevens savour their freedom and like to explore new territories and experiences.

Enneagram Type 8:  The Challenger

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | CEO; FBI Agent; Professional Rock Climber; Ship Captain

Assertive: Eights are confident and direct, say what they need to say and get on with things.

Decisive: Eights are quick to respond and willing to make decisions. They trust their gut instincts and will move things forward.

Protective: Under their toughness, Eights are bighearted and take people under their wing. They protect the people and things they care about and will fight against injustices.

Independent: Self-sufficient Eights dislike being dependent on others and maintain their autonomy.

Influential: Eights have their own way of taking charge and influencing others, which includes the capacity to influence the bigger picture.

Enneagram Type 9:  The Peacemaker

Murder Mystery Character Ideas | Hostage Negotiator; Diplomat; Publicist; Medical Researcher

Agreeable: Nines are easy to get along with. Others experience them as open, receptive and peaceful.

Understanding: Nines are able to listen to differences and understand multiple perspectives, with a great skill in synthesis and finding commonalities across differences.

Patient: Nines do things in a calm, sustainable way, trusting the natural rhythm of projects and processes.

Supportive: Others feel accepted, heard and understood in the presence of Nines. They accept people for who they are and see their full potential.

Genuine: What you see is what you get with a Nine and they are unpretentious. Others can be at ease with them.

What’s your Enneagram number?  Google “Free Enneagram Test” and select your preferred test to find out which Enneagram Type is yours.

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