How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

If you’ve purchased one of our Print-and-Play games, this video will be helpful to watch. You will learn how to host your murder mystery game: everything from inviting your guests to hosting the murder mystery dinner on the night!

I’ve just released my first video on how to host a murder mystery dinner!  That means no more re-reading the same paragraph 10 times and still forgetting what it said.  Now you can watch all seven-and-a-half minutes of murder mystery action to learn the basics of how to host a murder mystery dinner. More specifically, you’ll learn how to to host my freshly launched, flagship Print-and-Play game:  The Morgenrood Murder Mystery.

I’m so excited to share this latest video with you! It’s going to make you even more excited about hosting your very own murder mystery dinner! 

Yes, the details are specifically aimed at The Morgenrood Murder Mystery (which you can now purchase, yay!). However, you can easily transfer the game structure and principles to your own custom-made murder mystery that you’ve put together yourself. 

If you prefer reading then I have something even better for you! I’ve been writing and hosting murder mystery dinner parties for my own friends and family for over ten years. I wrote an ebook that teaches you how to create your own tailor-made murder mystery dinner party.  Just click here to purchase it now!

In the meantime, here’s the video version.  Enjoy! 

 This video wouldn’t have been possible without the help of friends and family who spent their precious time and contributed various talents and skills to help make this video come to life.  A HUGE thank you to each one of you for investing in this project!

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